Here you can register for one or more imos Online Academies. Every Online Academy will be broadcast twice daily. Whether you are located in Europe, New Zealand or a country in between, you will be able to join an Online Academy live.

Just choose the lessons and appointments that you would like to attend, fill in the registration form and click on send. During the registration procedure, you can check at what local time the Online Academy will take place. For help check the How to page.

Once the registration form has been submitted you will receive an e-mail confirmation, with additional info. We are looking forward to your attendance!

Your imos team.

Name Start time End time
New in imos iX 2019 - Order dialog and roomplan 27.06.2019 13:00 27.06.2019 13:30 Subscribe
New in imos iX 2019 - iXplorer and article center 11.07.2019 13:00 11.07.2019 13:30 Subscribe
New in imos iX 2019 - Article positioning and streching of articles 29.08.2019 13:00 29.08.2019 13:30 Subscribe
New in imos iX 2019 - Enhancements in iX PLAN and rendering a szene 12.09.2019 13:00 12.09.2019 13:30 Subscribe
New in imos iX 2019 - Cutout articles 26.09.2019 13:00 26.09.2019 13:30 Subscribe