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A professional service culture and reliability is the prerequisite for a successful application of imos technology.
From consulting to implementation right through to training and After-Sales Service - imos offers a range of services in order to completely satisfy the customer.

Hotline: +49 (0) 5221.976-100 or hotline(at)imos3d.com

Important information: The imos Support Center will be shut down at October 15th, 2019!

Access data will remain valid, but the site won't be updated. Please request a new user account for our new iX Support Center. This includes new features, a fresh design and a new data management:

→ imos administrators manage the imos users and in the future also the licenses of your company in the License Portal
→ imos users manage their data in the personal user account My imos

You can reach the iX Support Center at www.imos3d.com/en/service/ix-support-center.


New Online Academy video - Handleless kitchen - Part 1: Designing the articles for handleless cabinets (copy 1)
New Online Academy video - Handleless kitchen - Part 2: Designing of contiguous parts data for the grip profiles
New Online Academy video - iX CAM solid wood strategy - Part 2: Advanced techniques with the solid wood strategy
New Online Academy video - iX CAM solid wood strategy - Part 1: Data Setup for the solid wood strategy
Update Info: Update iX 2017 ( released
Registration for new Online Academies is possible now again. Take a look to the list of the new topics!
New iFurn Design Catalog Hettich 5.3 (drawer systems) available
New iFurn Design Catalog EBCO 1.1 ENG available
New iFurn Design Catalog Blum 3.54 ENG available
New iFurn Design Catalog Egger 5.03 ENG (Collection 2017) available
Update Info: Update released
New iFurn Design Catalog Hettich 5.2 (Sliding and folding door systems) available
new iFurn Design Catalog Reports 2.03 for iX2017 (usable after update to; usable for APG and iX CAM; order related change of adress; redesigned layouts; revised content; some new reports
new iFurn Design Catalog Document Manager 2 V1.0 for iX2017 (usable after Installation of iX 2017 SR2, an update to or higher is not enough).
new iFurn Design Catalog Drawing Output 1.2 for iX2017 (usable after update to This data package supports the use of the new imos iX 2017 drawing output functions.
New iFurn Design Catalog Häfele 4.93 ("old" connectors, which are not in Häfele 5.8) available
New iFurn Design Catalog Häfele 5.8 available
New documentation reg. drawing output with iX 2017 in imos knowledge; search for "Drawing output in imos iX 2017 as PDF" or "#00740"
new iFurn Design Catalog Appliances 2.0 for iX2017 (please read the info sheet before download)
new iFurn Design Catalog Deco Articles iX (please read info sheet before download)
4 new iFurn Design Catalogs Hettich 5.1 (Pro Decor Handles, office furniture system, hinges and connecting technology) available
new iFurn Design Catalog imos color principles, materials, surfaces and edges for iX 2017 and AutoCAD 2018. This data package contains color principles, which lead to high quality renderings with iX2017.
new iFurn Design Catalog Lamello (V4.0)
New Online Academy video published; Download is possible without login!
iFurn Design sample-catalogs of different international suppliers available. Have a look into the tab "iFurn" and try it out!
imos Knowledge for Customers is online ... login and try out!